Goals of Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day


To have information and support available to families who suffer from pregnancy and infant loss, to help them cope.

To inform and educate the public about pregnancy and infant loss so they can better learn how to respond with compassion to affected families.

To enable professionals, physicians, clergy, emergency medical technicians, funeral directors, police officers, public health nurses, and employers, to better serve families if they have special training and better knowledge of pregnancy and infant loss.

To set aside a day to remember all pregnancies and infants lost in order to heal and be comforted in a time of pain and heartache, and to have hope for the future.


Encourage Doctor’s offices, Churches, Hospitals, Funeral Homes, etc. to give to patients at the time of their loss pamphlets that would include books, websites, persons to contact, local and national support groups, resource centers.

Inform parents of their rights at time of loss; burial, cremation, naming the child.

Promote Public speaking outline for parents wanting to share their loss.

A list “Do’s and Don’ts” for well meaning family and friends.

Encourage media to feature stories on perinatal loss and the healing involved.

Network with National and Local Organizations.

Talk to professionals; find out how they deal with feelings related to loss in their work. Explain to them how critical their care and compassion is during this time.

Develop presentation to H. R. departments for information sessions on this type of bereavement.

Have October 15th leaders be liaison for those wanting to plan/attend services in their state. An outline will be developed and available on the website.

Encourage community activities, outreach.

Give parents one day to openly remember, as parents NEVER forget.

Provide this healing opportunity so that families can look towards the future.